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25 Jan 2017
0 votes / 0 comments

Missing Contacts

When I logged into my account this morning my company contact file was missing. What is going on and how do I get it back, we have very important information in that contacts file and I need to be...

28 Dec 2015
0 votes / 0 comments

Syncing Issues in iOS / iPhone

It just happened so that we updated the contact list through or control panel in Contact Zilla. However, not all iPhones we issued to our employees have received the complete update; some only get ...

01 Dec 2015
0 votes / 1 comment

No Facebook Import?

I was able to sync a gmail account with an address book, but I do not see any option for syncing Facebook. Please help! Thank you!

04 May 2015
0 votes / 1 comment

cant import from facebook

every time i try to import from facebook i get a message that says 'cannot get friends count' and nothing imports.

25 Apr 2015
0 votes / 0 comments


how to change profile picture?

10 Apr 2015
0 votes / 1 comment

Syncing Mac Os

When I am trying to sync my Contactzilla contacts to my Mac OS, I keep getting the following error code: CoreDAVErrorDomain error 1. Furthermore, my apple contacts keeps saying it isn't able to con...

26 Mar 2015
0 votes / 1 comment

Can you undo the de-dupe button?

I clicked it and it automatically merged all of my contacts with the same company name that I marked as use as contact name. This combined all of my contacts I labeled as WSU (for example) that ha...

19 Mar 2015
0 votes / 2 comments

I am getting this error .Help!

LinkedIn Import

Import contacts from LinkedIn or re-authenticate with LinkedIn

Warning: Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'require_once(service/apiModel.php): failed to open ...

19 Mar 2015
0 votes / 0 comments

Linkedin Error

I am getting an error on importing "error uncaught exception" and it is not importing from my linkedin. How do I send you a screenshot to fix this?

06 Mar 2015
0 votes / 1 comment

CSV import not working


I am in a trial with you all and I'm happy with the set up/features so far however I've made several attempts to import my contacts via CSV and this message sits there for hours: "Your impo...


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